The Netzach Educational Network

Established in 2017, Netzach is an ultra-Orthodox (Charedi) network of educational institutions (elementary through post-high school) whose mission is to provide its students with an outstanding Charedi education and in parallel work towards a Bagrut (matriculation) certificate, which is a prerequisite for higher education in Israel. These studies include mathematics, English, the sciences and civics for both elementary and high school students.

The network’s vision is one where our academic program empowers graduates to create a strong, financially viable future for them, their future families, and the Israeli economy, while remaining strongly connected to their core values of Torah observance.

In addition to an outstanding education, our goal is to mold our students into well-rounded individuals. By instilling in them a sense of civic awareness and life skills, each individual student undergoes their own personal development and acquires tools that will help them conduct themselves with grace and respect, giving them the advantage of integrating more easily into all situations.

Today, the growing Netzach network is 12 schools strong. We currently serve 1,500 students and fully expect to be serving 2,500 within two years (not including the 14,000 students registered at our Eshkolot Virtual School).

In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

Micah 6:8

Torah and Worship of G-d

Instilling the foundations of faith, worshiping G-d, and the study of Torah as a way of life.

Derech Eretz

Education furthering Derech Eretz, truth, virtue, and a love of Israel.

Life Skills

Developing general knowledge, life, social and learning skills, and striving for excellence.

Personal & Social Responsibility

Cultivating personal and social responsibility, reflected in working for the common good and community involvement.

Rabbi Menachem Bombach

Educational Institutions
Students at our Virtual School


Midrasha Graduation Class of 2022

Graduating with Honors

Charedi Yeshiva graduates from the Beitar Hassidic Seminary have received their ‘Bagrut’ matriculation certificates, with two students awarded Certificates of Excellence from Israel’s Ministry of

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