The Netzach Educational Network has opened its second Chassidic Cheider in Beit Shemesh, as a state-approved Charedi (ממ”ח) school, modeled on its highly successful boys’ elementary school in Jerusalem.

The Cheider HaChassidi in Beit Shemesh was opened by the Beit Shemesh Municipality in response to demand from local parents. 30 six-year-old boys joined the opening class, despite unpleasant local demonstrations to pressure families to withdraw their sons.

Rabbi Menachem Bombach, founder of HaMidrasha HaChassidit in Beitar and CEO of the Netzach Education Network, explains “We are excited to see the very successful model of our Chassidishe Cheider in Jerusalem – established in 2019 – now being copied in Beit Shemesh. We now have 12 schools for different age groups and sectors of the Charedi community, and we are confident that we can duplicate them many times over in different Israeli cities, wherever there is demand from Charedi parents for high quality Torah and secular education.”

The Netzach Education Network already has two elementary schools in Beit Shemesh: Talmud Torah Netzach Yisrael and Beit Yaakov Netzach Yisrael – and both schools are oversubscribed. This new Cheider is open to boys from all Chassidishe streams. The principal, Rabbi Yisrael Shapira, is a Gerer Chasid and an experienced educator. All three schools have been championed by Beit Shemesh Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch, who is working to develop diverse education options for the city’s predominantly Charedi population.

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