Graduating with Honors

Midrasha Graduation Class of 2022

Charedi Yeshiva graduates from the Beitar Hassidic Seminary have received their ‘Bagrut’ matriculation certificates, with two students awarded Certificates of Excellence from Israel’s Ministry of Education. These prestigious honors certificates are only awarded to students who graduate high school with average matriculation grades of 95% or more at the highest level of testing for both […]

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Masa Maagalim

Darkei-Sara High School students enjoyed a unique three-day program in December, exploring their involvement in Israeli society. The “Masa Ma’agalim” program was designed by Darkei-Sara principal, Hadas Neiman. “Our goal was to take our Year 11 and 12 students on a journey around Israel to investigate their identity, to interact with wider Israel society, and […]

Wearing our uniform with pride!

Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau

Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau visited Netzach’s Nishmat HaTorah Yeshiva High School in Jerusalem during Chanukah. His message was that just as every soccer team is proud of its uniform, yeshiva students should take care of their identity and their spiritual status. The Chief Rabbi visited the Yeshiva to give a shiur on Hilchot […]

A first for Haredi Yeshiva High Schools: “Meeting Our Role Models” Program

Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau

Nishmat HaTorah Yeshiva High School in Jerusalem has been inviting leaders of the Haredi community with inspirational life stories to address their students.  In the first program of its kind at an Israeli Haredi Yeshiva High School, the visiting speakers share the spiritual strength and dedication to Torah values that have made them successful. Students […]

Second Haredi Nursing Cohort Graduates with 100% Honors

Ofek Graduation

32 Haredi nurses graduated last week with honors from the Ofek Seminar in Jerusalem and have already started working in hospitals and medical centers around Israel. Ofek is part of the Haredi Netzach Educational Network and this was their second graduating class. Degree certificates were presented by Prof. Chaim Soknick, President of Machon Lev, Prof. […]

Bright haredi horizon

Eshkolot virtual secular studies program

Is Eshkolot the future of haredi secular education?Article in Jerusalem Post Magazine, November 4, 2022, by Alan Rosenbaum “Eshkolot was originally conceived as a means by which young haredim could increase their understanding of subjects in Israel’s core curriculum. In May, it received an added boost when Israel’s Council for Higher Education (Malag) granted permission […]

Jerusalem Post Conference Speech

JPost Conference 2022

This is the text of the speech that Rabbi Menachem Bombach delivered at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York on September 12, 2022: “Since the New York Times wrote their articles in Yiddish, I thought that I could give a lecture here in Yiddish, but I assumed that some people would not understand. So, […]

Netzach Opens Chassidic Cheider in Beit Shemesh

The Netzach Educational Network has opened its second Chassidic Cheider in Beit Shemesh, as a state-approved Charedi (ממ”ח) school, modeled on its highly successful boys’ elementary school in Jerusalem. The Cheider HaChassidi in Beit Shemesh was opened by the Beit Shemesh Municipality in response to demand from local parents. 30 six-year-old boys joined the opening […]

Network Training Event gives Chizuk to Teachers and Managers

The Netzach Education Network held its first staff training conference in Jerusalem in July 2022, with over 200 teachers and managers in attendance. It was a very unifying experience that helped all the staff to feel part of a strong and professional network. They participated in team-building activities, workshops to define goals for their schools, […]