Netzach Post High School

Netzach Post High School Enrollment

The average income for working Charedim is significantly lower than non-Charedi Jewish families in Israel. On average, Charedi women earn 66% of the salary of their peers, while Charedi men earn just over half (56%) of the average salary of non-Charedi men. Considering their larger families, these figures explain the poverty trap that impacts Charedim in Israel because of their lack of qualifications.

Netzach’s mission is to provide our students with academic qualifications to empower their ability to earn the same salaries as their non-Charedi peers. Our goal is to give students the best educational opportunities, academic qualifications, and life skills to enable them to succeed in their chosen career. Each graduate from a Netzach school will contribute approximately $50,000 annually to the Israeli GDP, or $2 million over his or her lifetime. This means more national productivity, lower poverty, and a higher standard of living.

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