Darkei Torah Yeshiva High School

Principal: Rav Zvi Weiskopf
Location: Bnai Brak

Opening in September 2024, Yeshivat Darkei Torah is Netzach’s new Yeshiva High School in Bnei Brak. The focus of its dual curriculum is to prepare the boys to be Bnei Torah in the Beit Midrash, and also productive members of Israeli society, by encouraging academic excellence and offering individualized programs for each student to maximize his abilities, strengths and talents. The Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Zvi Weiskopf, was previously a Ram at Midreshet Noam, deputy director of the Horev School in Ra’anana, and Rosh Yeshiva of Kiryat Chinuch in Beit Shemesh. He boasts a Master’s degree in Education and is the spiritual leader of Kehilat HaHalacha in Ramat Gan.
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