Nishmat HaTorah Yeshiva
High School

Principal: Rav Benny Kori
Location: Jerusalem

Nishmat HaTorah is Netzach’s flagship non-Chassidic yeshiva high school for ultra- Orthodox boys from the Ashkenazi community, under the leadership of Rav Benny Kori. Most students join the school from mainstream Charedi elementary schools with very limited general studies backgrounds. They manage to comprise the educational gap within a short period of time, and graduate with a full matriculation certificate.

management team in delivering on that need.

The yeshiva has grown from five students in 2018/2019 to 87 students in 2022/23. This growth is testament to the scale of demand within the ultra-Orthodox community for a holistic educational framework, and to the reputability of Netzach and the school

Emphasis is placed on quality education in all aspects - pedagogical, social, personal, and intellectual - with a full program of enrichment activities.

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