Men’s Evening Program

2022/3 Enrolments: 50 Program Director: Dr. Shimon Weiss
Location: Jerusalem

Although the percentage of Charedi men in employment in Israel is beginning to rise, their level of quality employment in high-tech professions remains low. There is no doubt that Charedi Yeshiva graduates are intelligent, yet they lack the specific skills required by today’s employers. While the Netzach Education Network is providing Charedi children with a broader education, their parents and older siblings need ways to catch up with what they missed. Yeshivish men looking for well-paid jobs to support their growing families need a fast-track to acquire hi-tech skills. They need to study in a Charedi environment to feel comfortable. Dr. Shimon Weiss established Tchumim as a center for computer science studies for Charedi boys and men. They study for Open University degrees and attend evening classes so they can continue to learn in Yeshiva or Kollel during the day. Tchumim is attracting students from the most prestigious Yeshivot across the Charedi spectrum, including the Mir, Ateret Yisrael, Hevron, Ponevich and Belz. This attests to the quality of andram, and also to the increasing acceptability of academic studies for mainstream Charedi men.
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