Graduating with Honors

Midrasha Graduation Class of 2022

Charedi Yeshiva graduates from the Beitar Hassidic Seminary have received their ‘Bagrut’ matriculation certificates, with two students awarded Certificates of Excellence from Israel’s Ministry of Education.

These prestigious honors certificates are only awarded to students who graduate high school with average matriculation grades of 95% or more at the highest level of testing for both English and Mathematics (Level 5). To qualify, these students must also excel in their high school program for personal development and social-community involvement.

Netzach Educational Network’s flagship Midrasha Chassidit in Beitar Illit was founded in 2014 to offer high levels of academic studies alongside excellence in Torah learning in the Chassidic tradition. The students are expected to matriculate with high levels of math, English and computer science. They also learn painting, guitar, self-defense, sports and life skills, and they are encouraged to develop leadership skills and to contribute to the wider society. This was the fifth graduating class, and all the students graduated with Level 4 or 5 in math and English.

One of the honors graduates, Ephraim Holtzman, is already serving in one of the most elite intelligence units of the Israel Defense Forces. The other, Abi Goldberger, is a Satmar Chassid from Brooklyn who came to Israel four years ago to study at the Midrasha HaChassidit. He explained: “My family sent me to study in Israel because there was no school in New York where I could live and learn as a Chassid, and also receive a good education in core curriculum subjects. The Midrasha was great – I made good friends and had fun experiences. I particularly enjoyed learning math and computer science, and I plan to work in that field in the future.”

These 2022 graduates were not the first boys from the Midrasha to receive national honors recognition for educational excellence. One of last year’s graduates achieved the highest possible grade in Level 5 mathematics (100%), despite having entered the Yeshiva High School just four years earlier with language and learning difficulties. Many graduates from previous cohorts have gone on to study at Israel’s top yeshivot, to volunteer for recognized National Service organizations, and to serve in prestigious IDF units. Four of the new graduates are already enrolled in higher education, studying law, civil engineering and computer science.

Rabbi Menachem Bombach, founder of the Midrasha and the Netzach Education Network, says: “We don’t compromise on our ultra-Orthodox identity, and we cut no corners in the standard of education that we offer in our school. Our students know that they have to score top grades in Gemara, as well as in core curriculum subjects, in order to graduate with honors. We are very proud that their achievements are being recognized at the national level, as well as by their families and communities. Each of our graduates has a bright future ahead of him, and knows that we expect him to make a difference in Klal Yisrael.”

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