What We Do

The NETZACH EDUCATIONAL NETWORK drives upward economic mobility for Israel’s ultra-Orthodox (Charedi) citizens. This population experiences chronic and systemic poverty owing to disproportionately high unemployment levels, resulting in 45 percent of the community being at or below the poverty line.

Netzach seeks to break this cycle at its root cause – education. The Network provides Charedi students with the core academic studies, laying a clear path toward attaining bagrut (Israeli matriculation). The bagrut means access to meaningful post-secondary educational options, the wider job market, and other Israeli social opportunities, ultimately generating strong and financially viable futures.

The Network is 15 institutions (seven elementary and three high schools, as well as two post high-school institutions). What started with 14 students, currently serves 1,750 students, and fully expects to be serving 2,100-2,300 within two years (not including the over 25,000 registered at our Eshkolot Virtual School). Our schools thus far have matriculated approximately 100 students who are pursuing a variety of pathways toward higher education.

Netzach's Impact

Six Elementary schools

#of enrolments


# of enrichment programs

Seven elementary schools


# of chessed activities/projects


Three High Schools

#of enrolments


# of graduates


Matriculation %


Six high schools

Student Achievements

English 5 Units - 60% Math 4/5 Units - 75% STEM Subjects - 55% State Honors Roll Matriculants - 4

Three Post High Schools

# of programs


# of enrolments


# of degrees/subject courses


Three Post High Schools

Future initiatives

Workplace mentoring
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