About Us

The Netzach Educational Network was established by Rabbi Menachem Bombach in 2017 to help revamp Israel’s Charedi educational system.  We are working to create a paradigm shift without compromising our central religious values.

The twelve schools in the Netzach Educational Network include elementary, high and post-high schools in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Beitar. They include schools for boys and for girls, so that Charedi families have the opportunity to send all of their children to like-minded schools.

The schools share a common vision: To provide our students with an outstanding Charedi education, while preparing them to attain their Bagrut (matriculation) certificate. This education equips our graduates to compete for quality employment and to pursue higher education in Israel. In many ways, Netzach schools are modelled on the successful Yeshiva High Schools found in the United States.

The Netzach Network’s mission is to provide outstanding Torah education alongside core academic studies, while remaining strongly connected to our fundamental values and traditional Torah observance. We are empowering our graduates to generate a strong and secure financial future for their families, break the damaging cycle of poverty, and contribute to the long-term viability of the Israeli economy.

For the 2022-23 academic year, the Netzach Educational Network is serving 1,500 students, and we expect to serve 1,500-1,800 by 2024. We also have over 14,000 additional students registered in our Eshkolot Virtual School.

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Board of Directors

פרופ' יונתן הלוי

Prof. Jonathan Halevy

Chairman of the Board

הרב שמעון וייס

Shimon Weiss

Board Member

מר בני לוין

Benny Levin

Board Member

אריק אדלר

Eric Adler

Board Member

גב׳ ניבה חסון

Niva Hasson

Board Member

Netzach Management

הרב מנחם בומבך

Rabbi Menachem Bombach

Founder & CEO

הרב מיכאל נכטילר

Rabbi Michael Nachtiler


Faigy Eisenbach


Moshe Malamud

Education Director

Eliezer Salomon

Maintenance Manager

Ryan Levin

Resource Development Director

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