About Us

Today, the Netzach Network is a growing network of 11 schools, as well as a virtual school, whose mission is to strengthen the social fabric of Israel by providing Charedi youth and young adults with formal and informal education opportunities that will enable and empower them to integrate within Israeli society and to forge a stable economic future while remaining strongly connected to their core values of Torah observance.

The schools, both elementary, high and post-high schools currently serve 1,250 students and fully expect to be serving 1,500-1,800 within two years not including the thousands registered at our Eshkolot Virtual School).

Board of Directors

פרופ' יונתן הלוי

Prof. Jonathan Halevy

Chairman of the Board

הרב שמעון וייס

Shimon Weiss

Board Member

מר בני לוין

Benny Levin

Board Member

אריק אדלר

Eric Adler

Board Member

גב׳ ניבה חסון

Niva Hasson

Board Member

Netzach Management

הרב מנחם בומבך

Rabbi Menachem Bombach

Founder & CEO

הרב מיכאל נכטילר

Rabbi Michael Nachtiler


Faigy Eisenbach


Dr. Shimon Weiss

CEO of Nehardea

Natan Klein

COO of Nehardea

Moshe Malamud

Pedagogic Director

Eliezer Salomon

Maintenance Manager

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