Heaven & Earth

The Netzach Education Network slogan describes in Hebrew the connection between spiritual learning and general education. The name “Netzach” means something like “eternity,” and conveys our eternal commitment to the Charedi way of life in adherence to the traditions of our grandparents, whether Chassidic or Litvish. It is crucial that we convey these core values of the Netzach Education Network to our staff, students, and the parents of potential students.

Our Educational Priorities

Torah Studies

Netzach schools provide outstanding Torah education in a fully ultra-Orthodox environment with a choice of Charedi traditions. We empower our graduates to remain strongly connected to their family’s fundamental values and Torah observance.

Enrichment Activities

To help our students with their social development, our schools organize outings and enrichment workshops in art, music, carpentry, robotics, and personal development. We also encourage them to volunteer and get involved in their own communities.

General Studies

Some 95% of our high school students study core curriculum subjects and graduate with full matriculation diplomas, compared to Israel’s national average of around 75%. Our post-high school colleges equip Charedi men and women to enter university and train for professional careers.

Life Skills

Netzach schools provide our students with the life skills they will need to succeed in any situation.
We are educating well-rounded individuals who can integrate into Israel’s civic society and diverse workforce.

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