Expanding to Meet Charedi Demand for Bagruyot

The Netzach Educational Network, under the leadership of Rabbi Menachem Bombach, has opened four new schools this Fall, including two new Yeshiva High Schools teaching Torah and Bagrut subjects to Charedi boys.

Mayor Aliza Bloch visited one of Netzach’s new Yeshiva High Schools in Beit Shemesh – Chayei Olam – to meet the students and wish them luck with their combined curriculum. The school, formerly known as Kol Yehuda Yeshiva, has 48 students enrolled.

Mayor Aliza Bloch was warmly welcomed by the Charedi students at Yeshiva High School Chayei Olam in Beit Shemesh. Mayor Bloch has been a keen supporter of Netzach and our educational ethos of developing informed and engaged citizens.

Expanding the Netzach Network into Israel’s central metropolitan area, the new Yeshiva High School HaChassidit Ohev Yisrael opened in Petach Tikva. It is attracting students from Bnei Brak and beyond, under the joint leadership of Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Nissan Podolsky and Principal Rabbi Yaakov Spitz.

Also opening this week, Netzach’s second girl’s high school – Seminar Shalhevet in Beit Shemesh was originally planned to start with just Grade 9. The principal Mrs. Sarah Gordon encountered overwhelming local demand to also open a 10th Grade class, and 51 girls are enrolled in the new school.

In Beit Shemesh alone, where Netzach works in close partnership with Mayor Bloch, the Network now has 979 students learning Torah and secular subjects together in integrated elementary and high schools.  The Cheder HaChassidit elementary school that opened in the city in 2022 with 30 students has now expanded to accept 114 boys. It is now known as Talmud Torah Ba’al Shem Tov and has a sister-school Beis Yaakov Ba’al Shem Tov (shown below).

The Network now has 15 schools with 1,811 students enrolled, representing a 22% increase on the last academic year. At the same time, a further 23,000 Charedi students are learning English, math and science subjects online in Netzach’s virtual Eshkolot Academy. 

Netzach Founder & President Rabbi Menachem Bombach says: “The idea of combining excellence in Torah education with high-level secular studies is becoming more mainstream in the Haredi world, particularly now that the Belz Rebbe has introduced core curriculum subjects into his Chedarim. Every year, more families apply to our schools, and we are working to expand our Network to accommodate the demand.”

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