Darkei-Sara High School

סמינר דרכי שרה

Darkei-Sara is a high school for Charedi girls with strong religious values and intellectual abilities. In a short time, it has developed a reputation for academic excellence, along with  a friendly and nurturing atmosphere for ambitious students. It encourages them to strive to bring credit to the religious community in all their interactions, and it equips them with high-level Torah knowledge and a love of Jewish learning. 

Darkei-Sara students are engaged with the world and study technological subjects such as electronics, software engineering and biotechnology, as well as a full general studies curriculum including math and English at the highest level. They can even start to study for an academic degree while at high school. They also enjoy music, drama, physical exercise classes, and a unique curriculum of personal development to help them develop a strong sense of self and a confident religious identity. In every subject they are assigned projects for self- directed learning and encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity.

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