Beit Yaakov Netzach Yisrael
Beit Shemesh

2022/3 Enrolments: 342
Principal: Mrs. Chanie Gurgelle
Location: Beit Shemesh

The Netzach Yisrael girls’ elementary school in Beit Shemesh was established in 2018 to provide an uncompromising Charedi education with high levels of both religious and secular studies. The students enjoy a comprehensive curriculum of educational content and enrichment activities. The teachers use advanced pedagogical techniques to focus on each student’s abilities.

The school occupies a well-equipped new building, thanks to the support of the Beit Shemesh Municipality and an enthusiastic community of parents.

and to develop strong identities and leadership skills from an early age, and encourages them to develop social skills and confidence in themselves.

The school offers a broad program of enrichment activities such as music, dance, and drama to facilitate the girls’ self-discover of their unique potential

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