High School

2022/3 Enrolments: 69
Principal: Mrs. Hadas Neiman
Location: Jerusalem

Darkei-Sara is a high school for Charedi girls with strong religious values and intellectual abilities. Located in Givat Shaul, it has developed a reputation for academic excellence, along with a friendly and nurturing atmosphere for ambitious students. It encourages them to strive to bring credit to the religious community in all their interactions, and it equips them with high-level Torah knowledge and a love of Jewish learning.

In every subject, they are assigned projects for self- directed learning and encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity.

They can even earn college credits concurrent with their high school studies. They also enjoy music, drama, physical exercise classes, and a unique curriculum of personal development to help them develop a strong sense of self and a confident religious identity.

Darkei-Sara students are engaged with the world and study technological subjects such as electronics, software engineering and biotechnology, as well as a full general studies curriculum including math and English at the highest level.

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