Midrasha HaChassidit
Torah Academy

Principal: Rav Matityahu Deitsch
Location: Beitar Illit

Our flagship yeshiva high school for Chassidic boys was established in the Charedi town of Beitar in 2014. We provide our students with a top education backed by Jewish values and ethical character development. They take pride in their spiritual education and their personal development as individuals and as a group and look forward to contributing to wider society. The school accepts boys from different Chassidic communities, where it nurtures their individual talents, encouraging them to strive for excellence in every field of endeavor.

Rabbi Bombach’s ground-breaking life skills program for the Midrasha has been adopted as a curriculum for other schools by Misrad HaChinuch.

They enjoy experiential field trips to develop their social and adaptive capabilities, build group cohesion, and foster leadership skills. The school hosts academic and enrichment lectures, and intergenerational events for students and their parents on themes designed to strengthen family ties during the teenage years.

The students are expected to matriculate with high levels of math, English and computer science. They also learn painting, guitar, self-defense, sports, and life skills.

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