Medical Mechina

Netzach’s Medical School Preparatory Program (Mechina) opened in Jerusalem in 2023, as a joint project with the Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT). The program assists Haredi men and women, who have already earned a relevant first degree and who want to become doctors, to pass the challenging entrance examinations to enter Israel’s medical schools. They take online classes for three semesters over 15 months, with additional units for independent study. The first cohort of 40 students were chosen from 150 candidates because they demonstrated the high aptitude levels required for success in medical school. Partial scholarships are available for qualified students. The program is led by Dr. Sara Genut, Head of the JCT Bio-Informatics Department, who has extensive experience of preparing students for medical school. It includes workshops on cultural competence, in preparation for entering a profession that serves people from different cultures, and covers issues of halacha (Jewish law) and medical ethics. Students who are accepted to medical school after the course will be supported throughout their medical studies by Haredi doctors. In this way, the new program is designed to support and empower Haredi students, and particularly women, to serve both their own community and Israel’s broader society.
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