2022/3 Enrolments: 51
Principal: Mrs. Sarah Gordon
Location: Beit Shemesh

Thanks to overwhelming local demand, this new girls’ high school opened in 2023 with grades Year 9 and Year 10. As a Chareidi high school for girls, it provides an important stepping stone for girls who see Avodas Hashem, love of Torah, and a strong Torah identity as the cornerstone of their lives. Full of intellectual curiosity and creativity, their students strive to actualize their spiritual, emotional, and intellectual potential. In addition to a full Bagrut program, their curriculum emphasizes self-awareness, the development of self-learning skills and critical thinking, with enthusiasm for cooperation and teamwork. It also includes an emphasis on learning and creativity through the arts, which provides additional development tools alongside academic studies. Their chinuch goal is to nourish and develop our students’ growth and relationships with Hashem, the community, positive role models, family, and ultimately with themselves and their role in the world.
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