Torat Chesed
Elementary Schools

2022/3 Enrolments: 202
Principal: Mrs. Margalit Barhom
Location: Jerusalem

In 2018, Netzach established two elementary schools side-by-side in the fast-growing Charedi community of Givat Ze’ev in North Jerusalem. Both schools are officially MaMach schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Every year another grade is added to both schools. We hope to establish high schools so that our students can continue their combined education in Torah and secular subjects.

Their pedagogic approach is focused on differential learning, with the students divided into groups according to their abilities.

The teachers in both schools set strong personal examples so that the students absorb positive life skills and ethical values. The school teaches positive attitudes toward Israeli society and appreciates the value of each individual.

Torat Chesed teaches a broad curriculum of Torah and general subjects, plus science, art and creative enrichment activities, so as to give every child the best opportunities to fulfill their potential throughout their life.

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