Chayei Olam

Enrolments - 52
Rosh Yeshiva - HaRav Akiva Homnick
Principal - Rav Yehoshua Edelstein
Menahel Ruchani - Rav Chanan Fruchter

Yeshivat Chayei Olam, it is focused on equipping boys from the mainstream Charedi community with a full matriculation certificate and a high quality education in both Torah and secular subjects. This includes an emphasis on social, personal, and intellectual skills, through a full program of enrichment activities. The students study math, science, English to a high level, and are also encouraged to take matriculation examinations in Jewish studies subjects. The school is closely modelled on Netzach’s successful Jerusalem yeshiva high school Nishmat HaTorah, and is led by experienced educators Rav Akiva Homnick and Rav Yehoshua Edelstein.
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