Yeshivat HaChassidit
Ohev Yisrael

2022/3 Enrolments: 15
Principal: Rabbi Nissan Podolsky
Mashgiach Ruchani: Rabbi Yaakov Spitz
Location: Petach Tikvah

Netzach’s second Chassidic Yeshiva High School opened in 2023 in Petach Tikvah, modelled on the successful flagship school HaMidrasha HaChassidit in Beitar Ilit. The school is committed to helping its students to succeed in their Torah studies with a focus on Chassidut, alongside practical life skills and academic qualifications, and also to develop their spiritual skills. It is open to talented boys from all Chassidic backgrounds, who aspire to invest their time in Torah study, religious service and secular subjects, in an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm. The staff are qualified professionals, led by Principal Nissim Podolsky, a Karlin-Stolin Chassid who ran the community school in Kiev, and Rabbi Yaakov Spitz who ran a prominent school in Brooklyn, New York, and also worked for the Netivot kiruv organization. Together they will prepare their students to serve Hashem with love and joy and follow a path of Torah and Jewish ethics while interacting with the wider world.
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