Virtual School

נצח - רשת מוסדות לימוד חרדיים

Due to the Corona Pandemic, we saw a great need for virtual learning in the Charedi community. We founded a virtual school called Eshkolot, which teaches general studies in a fully Charedi environment. The program prepares Charedi students to be eligible for academic studies. The program has been met with great enthusiasm from government officials and in the philanthropic world, as it fills a need in the Charedi community. With tremendous effort and with incredible speed, we launched a pilot version of Eshkolot on September 1, 2020 with five courses (two in English, two in Mathematics and one in Physics).

As of the beginning of March 2021 we had more than 3300 students enrolled in Eshkolot and more than 9000 lessons were studied.

We are working to add another 10 courses to Eshkolot by the end of 2021 and are excited for the thousands of students that will study and achieve academically as a result.

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