Network Training Event gives Chizuk to Teachers and Managers

The Netzach Education Network held its first staff training conference in Jerusalem in July 2022, with over 200 teachers and managers in attendance. It was a very unifying experience that helped all the staff to feel part of a strong and professional network. They participated in team-building activities, workshops to define goals for their schools, lectures on social emotional education and pedagogy, and planning sessions for the coming academic year.

The event was organized by the Network’s Deputy CEO, Rabbi Michael Nachtiler, who has almost 20 years’ experience in establishing and operating schools and educational institutions. The guest speaker Shay Calderon was until July the inspector of Israel’s 60 or so Mamlachti-Charedi schools. In his first public appearance since his appointment as Director of Charedi Education at the Ministry of Education, he praised the Netzach Educational Network, its clear vision and its ability to create institutions that stand as beacons of professionalism and educational quality for the entire sector.

Network CEO Rabbi Menachem Bombach, spoke about the importance of building trust at every level of the organization, fostering mutual respect and honesty between colleagues and between teachers and students. Wrapping up the event, he said: “With this amazing team of educational leaders and teachers who are so dedicated to their mission, I feel confident in our ability to raise generations of students to become G-d-fearing, Torah-loving and practical adults.”

Shay Calderon, Director of Charedi Education, Ministry of Education
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