B’Deracheha Youth Movement awarded Ben-Gurion Prize

Ot Ben Gurion 2024

Netzach’s B’Deracheha youth movement for Charedi girls in Jerusalem has received a NIS 50,000 prize for its social volunteer work, community involvement and leadership development. B’Deracheha is a new youth movement for 11-13 year-old Charedi school girls in Jerusalem, and run by counselors from the Netzach Darkei-Sara High School. It is part of the Netzach […]

Haredim don scrubs, smashing medical glass ceilings

Jerusalem College of Technology & Netzach’s Medical Mechina program helps aspiring Haredi medical professionals pursue a career path that few of their peers have attempted before, while simultaneously maintaining their religious identity and lifestyle.

“?What Did You Do During the War”

Our children are not immune to the crisis atmosphere that has pervaded Israel since the Hamas attack on October 7, and many of them want to help Israel’s war effort. Staff at the Netzach elementary and high schools have been working hard to help their students deal with a wide range of emotions during this […]

A Time For Question Marks

by Michael Nachtiler, CEO of the Netzach Educational Network, Cheshvan 5784, October 2023 The events of Simchat Torah, 5784, do not call for conventional soul-seeking. Above all, they call us to convert our exclamation marks to question marks. Simchat Torah morning. Stepping out of the house, worrying about how much candy the kids might consume, […]

Fanning the Inner Flame

Sarah Gordon, Principal of Seminar Shalhevet

Mrs. Sarah Gordon, Principal of the new Seminar Shalhevet girls’ high school in Ramat Beit Shemesh, wrote this article for her local magazine “Connections”, sharing her educational philosophy with parents at the start of the new school year. Picture this: With a bang the door is thrown open. Shoshanah bounds into the house, full of […]

Social and Emotional Learning

Nishmat HaTorah Outdoor Training

Social Emotional Learning is crucial to the successful integration of Netzach’s Charedi graduates into the workforce as confident and engaged members of wider society.

Expanding to Meet Charedi Demand for Bagruyot

The Netzach Educational Network, under the leadership of Rabbi Menachem Bombach, has opened four new schools this Fall, including two new Yeshiva High Schools teaching Torah and Bagrut subjects to Charedi boys. Mayor Aliza Bloch visited one of Netzach’s new Yeshiva High Schools in Beit Shemesh – Chayei Olam – to meet the students and […]

Reaching for the Sky

Chief Rabbi David Lau at the 2023 Netzach Network Event

The Netzach Educational Network held its annual staff conference in Jerusalem with 250 teachers and administrators, 55 more than last year! They were addressed by Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Rav David Lau, Rabbi Yaakov Haber from Beit Shemesh, and Shai Calderon, Director of Haredi Schools at the Ministry of Education (below). Netzach’s Chief Executive Michoel […]

Helping Haredi Students Prepare for Medical School

Netzach Educational Network has opened a Medical School Preparatory Program (Mechina) in Jerusalem, for Haredi men and women who want to become doctors, and who have already earned a relevant first degree. Becoming a doctor is an impossible dream for most Haredi students in Israel. This is because of the intensity of the academic studies […]

Honoring Kedoshim at Kiddushim Siyum

Netzach Yisrael Siyum

Nishmat HaTorah Yeshiva High School in Jerusalem marked their completion of Gemara Tractate Kiddushin last week with a special Siyum. The event was dedicated to the memory of the father of one of the students, Koby Most, who read the Hadran to mark the completion of the tractate. The guest speaker Rabbi Moshe Brunner, gave […]